Monday, January 12, 2009

First Day of School

Last Wednesday, Lane was fed, dressed and placed ever so snug in his carseat by 7:15am. We were out the door and headed to school. I would of loved to have taken more time off to be with Lane, but getting back to my classroom was also on my mind. Fortunately for me, my school is very understanding and agreed to meet me halfway....and also fortunately for me I get to take my son to work with me:)

I am back to work teaching only the morning half of kindergarten, which I feel to be most crucial being that I cover all the language arts and mathematics during that time. It's great to be back and it's great being able to have the freedom to check in on my son whenever I choose. They just give me a call or walk down the hall when he's hungry.

Lane is in a class of 5 infants and 3 awesome teachers. I couldn't feel more comfortable. One of the babies is 4 months old and seems to be only a pound or two bigger than Lane and he's 2 months! His length is just crazy!!! Last week I had to go through his entire closet and remove the newborn outfits. There is just no way that we can squeeze him into them any longer. It's bad enough having to box up/get rid of my own I have to do the same for him, but at least I can't convince myself that he will lose 5 lbs. and still be able to wear certain outfits again:)

Here are some photos of his first day and also of some recent tummy time...which he is growing to like more and more.
All warm and toasty in his carseat

Smiling big for mom. So excited for his first day of school!

Lane poses with one of his teachers

Just lounging around taking in my new surroundings
Squeezing in a nap before mom comes to take me home

Tummy Time!!!

Vogue Vogue Vogue

Timber...I'm done entertaining you guys