Thursday, September 18, 2008

Two Down...One to Go

Mom threw me a fabulous ALL GIRL Baby Shower on Saturday (With Lane as the only exception of course...he will forever be V.I.P.). We had a lovely brunch, which by the way I was starving, being that the day before Lane had spent a majority of his day on my sciatic nerve, causing an overwhelming feeling of nausea when I ate (and the absence from work). FUN STUFF! The brunch was eagerly followed by the "Girlie Games" and my sitting for many minutes opening everyone's wonderful gifts. I actually had to apologize to everyone and open the last of my gifts while standing up. I just couldn't sit any longer...everyone just brought too many wonderful things, but I am not complaining:) So two baby showers down and our Halloween Costume Baby Shower yet to come! Oh Yeah!
On Wednesday, Shane and I met up at our 2 week doctor appointment with high hopes that we could get a 'guesstimation' as to Lane's ever growing size. Dr. J said to give it at least another 2 weeks before trying to make such assumptions on little Lane's size...but can you believe in 2 weeks we have our next appointment, and then after that it's already time to move on to our once a week checkups?!?!? CRAZY! Oh. And you will all be glad to hear I gained 3lbs...but that's also without a decent B.M. in 2 days. So I wouldn't be surprised if in the next day I may lose a pound in the potty...hehehe. I know you all are loving where this blog just went:) Leave it to me.
Here are some pics from the shower...Enjoy. XOXO

All tried to guess how big around I am, but only one came the closest...

And that was my grandma. Nani Kay!
Carole really enjoyed playing Hazel's Poopy Diaper Game:)
So did Nani and Helen...They really needed to catch up on their poopy diaper knowledge:)

But it was T who came out the winner of this name that stool game. You go girl!
Oh...and I must also mention that in the organization of this game, the fire department was on speed dial as the smell of burning plastic wafted through the kitchen from the microwave. Way to go Auntie Hazel! :) (No diapers were actually harmed in the making of this game).

Mom and Channy had to pose with Lane:)

Mom, Jamie (just announced pregnant with #2), Jordan, and Lila (Greatest salsa maker ever!)Mom, Carole, Grandma Helen, and both Nani'sLane will at least be dressed like an athlete...He could still end up Pres. Of the Chess Club and we would love him just the same;)Lane got 2 adorable and oh so soft Knot Blankets...Even I can't wait to cuddle up with them!The blankie over my shoulder was crocheted by a dear friend Diane whom wasn't able to make it, because currently they are living in Hawaii (poor them) but we are anxiously awaiting their arrival back on the mainland in early November!Jamie taking a closer look at Lane's quilt I made for his crib...just don't look to close or you will see the flaws...better yet, put it down before it falls apart;)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's Begun...

You know that point you get to when it seems like the fast forward button to your life has been pressed? Well. We're there. Where has the time gone? Seriously? It seems like I was just posting my last entry the other day, when in all actuality it's been weeks! So for those of you that check in on the Billau's happenings, I apologize for not being on the ball and keeping you all up to date with all that is going on in our "Billau Heaven". Honestly, so much has been, and is going on, that it's somewhat intimidating for me to sign on and get a post started. You all know me...'Procrastination' is my middle name (it comes after Kay, but I chose to leave it off my checks) and some things will never change.

So here attempt at bringing you all up to date.

Hmmm....Where to begin???

The nursery! Oh my gosh! The room has been totally transformed. Do you remember the pictures from a previous post on our gutting of Baby Lane's room to be? Well if not, take a moment and scroll down after you check out these pictures of the new and improved nursery!

I have to give many appreciative thanks to my mom, the artist who created the amazing jungle tree (we are just hoping it doesn't give Lane nightmares and if so I think I will trade him rooms because I LOVE IT!:) And to my mother-in-law, Carole, for rolling up her sleeves and slathering on the paint like a pro. The Grandmas-to-be did such a fantastic job on Lane's room...I must admit, I'm a little jealous of this kid already. The only credit I get is for giving excellent direction...hehehe. And for Lane's crib quilt.

I attached the cartoon jungle animals to the wall using velcro! The teacher in me came up with the idea. I thought it would be something neat for Lane (when he's old enough) to be able to take down and rearrange however he likes. My idea proved to be worthy when Matthew, Beau and Cris's 4 year old son came over and immediately went to detaching and reattaching the animals:) I gave myself a little pat on the back when I saw how cool Matt thought it was to pull things off the wall.

Moving on...

We had our first Baby Shower thrown for us last Saturday and boy did we get spoiled! The throw blanket on the glider was a gift from friends of ours whose mother has an embroidery shop. Did we, I mean Lane ever luck out! We got this beautiful blanket and even some monogrammed bibs with "Peanut" on them. How cute is that? From the coolest diaper bag (that will even look good strapped to dad) the most adorable clothes to a jungle themed bouncer and story books Lane will want to hear over and over again....we got spoiled! Thanks Pam and Steve for the great food, amazing time, and wonderful friends you surrounded us with!

After the shower on Saturday, Shane and I planned to have a few friends over to see our newly finished BBQ on Sunday. Shane and dad spent quite a bit of quality time together constructing this masterpiece. What a beauty! It makes it hard to even be inside knowing how beautiful your backyard is. Shane not only took pleasure in BBQ'n, but also pouring the ingredients into the Margaritaville Drink Machine that his folks got us for our anniversary. Luckily for me and Matthew, the mixer came with 2 pitchers, so we always had a batch of virgin waitin' for us:)

Poo Poo and Hagen also took part in the festivities, but when it came time to share seating, Poo Poo got a little on the defensive with Cris:) That's my cat!

And then there was just us again...well for now at least. After a busy weekend, Shane and I decided to spend our anniversary (Monday) quietly and as uneventful as possible. He did surprise me with 2 dozen beautiful roses while I was at work though. What a guy....oh and while I am at it, he also managed to sneak a wedding photo of ours into the announcement section of the Reno paper, which was accompanied by the poem we had chosen for our wedding programs! I must admit, it brought tears to my eyes when I saw our picture and read the words that followed. Luckily IHOP was running a bit behind, so my pancakes stayed dry:)

In closing, I am attaching a 32 week photo for you all to enjoy:) Oh. And we started our birthing classes last week. Can I just say that I almost want Shane to video our labor/delivery just so those that come after us can watch a video from this century and not the 70's! ...and I also told him he was now on grooming detail:)

I could go on and on being that it has been so long...but I will give a quick summary to finish up... a guy passed out in our class last night (but he's cool). Kindergarten is going well. Just have to retrain my brain and back it up for my new set of youngsters. Lane is doing fabulous, though I haven't gained an LB in over a month (tummy is growing rapidly still) and lastly...

WE GOT MILK!!! Will have to fill you in on some funny stories later;)