Sunday, February 22, 2009

So Many Firsts

I'm almost 4 months old!!! Throughout the past month I have been doing so many impressive things...well at least mommy and daddy think so. They can't get over how fast I'm growing up!
Daddy finally talked mommy into letting me try cereal for the very first time. For what I could taste, I loved it! I'm just so congested these days it's hard to tell how good things are. So mommy and daddy decided to hold off on the cereal again until I'm feeling better. Stupid cold!
But I am still enjoying my new Bumbo chair! I'm such a big boy sitting all on my own. I also got a new Exersaucer from grandma and grandpa. And no it's not for my kankles, nor the adorable dimples on my thighs (mom only wishes hers were as cute as mine), it's pure entertainment...and developmental of course...what isn't that comes into this house?
Well...I've got a full belly and mom says it's time to say goodbye. Enjoy the latest pics!

xoxo, Lane
P.S. Congratulations to Peyton on going to be a big sis!

Now I've got two of you to choose from! hehehe I'm such a playa:)

Mommy got to document my first ride in the 6 seater buggy at school..

It was so embarrassing, her taking all those pictures with my friends around...but I managed to ham it up anyhow:)

Watchin' some boob tube with daddy

It's cereal time!

Mommy's got a big crush on me:)

Me in my new Exersaucer! My feet even touch the bottom!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

A Surprise for Daddy!

For Valentine's Day, mommy took me to get my pictures taking by my buddy Stew at the same picture place I got my first professional shots taken...over 3 months ago!
I had such a fun time posing for the camera. I really hammed it up this time because this time was extra special. We wanted to surprise daddy for Valentine's Day so mommy had grandma Carole sneak daddy's firefighter gear from his work so I could take cool pictures with them. Luckily for me, daddy had a backup jacket so I didn't have to try and do my best work while plugging my nose from the smokey smell or get black yucky stuff all over my clean and oh so baby bottom soft skin:)
It wasn't easy, but I kept the secret from daddy for two whole days. Never once letting on that I had my pictures taken with his extra special fire protecting jacket and helmet!
Every one's top pic! I haven't quite grown into my
fireman's jacket just yet
I was having such a fun time. I even got a case of the giggles!
Your newest and littlest hero posing in front of ol' Glory
I'm hand just seems to find its' way to my mouth these days

Stew and grandma also managed to talk mommy into posing with me too! We had sooooo much fun, though mommy couldn't help but be relieved when her turn was over. She said she was sweating bullets in daddy's jacket...I didn't think it was so bad.

I'm always getting kisses from mommy:)

Mommy was getting pretty warm about now...

So I thought I was here to take serious, big boy pictures with daddy's stuff...these rose petals are certainly not daddy's!

But what the heck...I still look adorable!
It's Valentine's Day!

Are we about done here?
These last two photos were so much fun...I just wanna know where
I can get a huge rubber ducky so I can drop the hint to mommy and daddy or even grandma
and grandpa!!! yeah...that's what I'll do...
Must be getting hungry, because there's that hand again and my feet too!
Everyone says I got my mommy's monkey feet, the way I curl my toes
and grab onto things:) I once grabbed my grandpa Dave's lips with my toes! He was very impressed with my grip and lucky for me, he thought it was cute:) So that's it...for now at least. Oh, and mommy is telling me to apologize for her lack of updates. We have just been having too much fun together. I keep her and daddy pretty entertained:)
I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day!
Yours Truly,
Lane Michael