Friday, June 19, 2009

Having to much fun!

Mom told me that I had to post at least one picture before we went camping (if you call having a blender and cable camping) this weekend. She informed me that my people have requested pictures...but what I should send I haven't a clue. I was just going on 4 months old since my last post to you all, and now I fear I am an old man. This body of mine has grown by leaps and bounds in a matter of what seems like minutes. I am now the ripe age of 7+ months and taking my baths in the sink! Is this what happens when you grow up? You go from the luxury of your very own bathtub, to a stainless steel box! But I will admit, just don't tell mom and dad...I LOVE IT! So now I'm getting soapy bubbles in my new bath sink and I get to make my own bubbles in this ginormous bathtub one day a week! I think it's called a drool or something, because that's what me and the others do in it...and maybe some do other things, but I'm not going to tattle.
I have so much fun splashing around. I even went under water for one whole second! They say every week they will add a second to my underwater time...I just hope after week 3 or 4 they take away instead of add....could you imagine? They're going to turn me into a fish!
Okay. Now that I am the big 7+ months, there are a few things I need to tell you.
Along with my developing fins, I am also crawling and sitting up like a pro! My little monkey feet are really a big help when it comes to crawling or even grabbing toys that are just out of my reach. I talk and talk and talk all day, and managed to shock everyone way back on Easter Sunday by saying "mama" and a short week later, I followed that up with "dada". No, I don't say it all the time, I don't want them to think I'm totally dependent on them or something, but I do throw it out there every now and's worth it to see the look on their face:)
I've discovered my nose and also found grandma's and just last night I waved at mom and dad. No, they weren't going anywhere, but they were flailing their arms about at me, so I figured I'd do it back. It was the polite thing to do. Oh, and this morning I discovered dad's nipples. Nooooo...not like that you guys! I'm smart enough to know the difference. So I gave them a good tug and twist, which may very well have been my first purple nerple! So many firsts and the past month...what could possibly be next...steak and eggs maybe or a triathlon? I'll keep you posted.
Lane Michael

Watching Auntie Hazel race her Nova in Fallon (just a little redneck)

Papa said he didn't like my Hawaiin Shirt...said it was too loud

He soon apologized when he looked down at his own shirt

Me and the boys. I was the only sober driver!

Grandma Carole snuck me some of her popsicle while mom and dad finished golfing with papa.

This is what I looked like shortly after my popsicle...and we told mom I only had a taste:)

I had soooo much fun at my swimming lessons!

Doing the back stroke

I've got a new girlfriend! We had so much fun playing together. The younger girls are just too immature for me.

Hope you all enjoyed my pics! Have a fun weekend:)