Monday, August 3, 2009

My 8 Month Happenings!

Okay y'all. For some reason this blog thingy mommy has set up for me, isn't letting me edit and rearrange my work. So today we are going to do something different and start with some pics! Oh, and a quick shout out to my girl Peyton in N.C. We all hope your new baby sis gets here soon!
Patiently awaiting Peyton's baby sisters arrival
Okay...have the patience of an 8 month old. Time to play and wave at Daddy!

A few of my favorite things! Not the bars...just the stairs. Mommy says these are the only bars I had better EVER be behind!

My first play date with an older woman! Don't worry, it was supervised.

What you lookn' at punk? Yeah...that's a banged up eye. My first of many.

Love hanging out with Hagen in the yard while mommy waters her plants.

Hello people!

Swim lessons are a blast! Check out the elephant they let me play with. for my update....
Mommy reminded me today that it's been quite some time that I let all my lovely followers know what I've been up too...or getting into rather...hehehe. So I told mommy enough of her silly games and to go take a nap so that I could finally sit still and fill you all in on my 8 month happenings. You know I'm going to be 9 months on Wednesday! Can you believe it???

Over the past month I have learned to:

*Crawl on my hands and knees. I've been army crawling since 7 months and they've been trying to recruit me ever since!
*Pull myself up using any and all means necessary. I'm no longer laying or sitting in my crib awaiting mom and dad to come scoop me up. I'm standing at attention baby! Come to think of it, I don't like to sit much at all anymore...if I'm able to stand, I stand damn it:)
*Scaling the entire flight of stairs. I'm walking pretty dang well with some assistance if I do say so myself. I can even take the steps like a big kid, standing tall, with mom and dad's help of course...but not for too much longer.
*Teeth. Nope. Not me. Besides, mom is in love with my gummy smile:)
*Wave hello and goodbye. Sometimes I don't do it until you turn around, so be sure not to miss it:)
*Whistle and Snap. Okay, maybe not quite like mommy and daddy do (though neither of them whistle very well) but I am surely giving it a valiant effort.
*I've increased my vocabulary to contain "dog" and "duck".
*Can stay underwater for 5 seconds! I just love my swimming lessons with Daddy. I'm a natural.
So heading into my 9 month and I can only imagine what I will be up to! Mommy and Daddy say I need to just slow down...oh, and to stay out of Hagen's food. hehehe
Love you all!