Sunday, November 22, 2009


Just a little FYI to be sure and scroll down past the following post
and catch a glimpse of Lane's Birthday Bash!
Love y'all and hope you're well.

What??? My Birthday's Over?!?!?

I just couldn't stop the partying when I woke
the morning after my big celebration.
Watching the wildlife outside and admiring the last
moments of my decorations.

Gotta love balloons...and static electricity!

Had to share the photo of mamma trying on one of my outfits.
She just couldn't resist it was so cool. She's gotta another
thing coming if she thinks I'm going to let her borrow it!

My Halloween Monkey Business

Mommy was the Zoo Keeper. How fitting is that!I was tuckered out before the first house!Finally home and ready for dinner and bedtime! Hope you all enjoyed your Halloween! I sure did!!!
Love, Lane
Oh yeah...I even learned what a monkey says in time for my trick-or-treating!

My 12 Month Happenings

Now that I am the BIG NUMERO UNO, I'm...
*Running! Why walk? It only slows me down.
*Dancing my little legs off! I especially love dancing to musical cards.
*Not only crawling up the stairs, but also now working on backing down on my tummy!
*Brushing my first tooth! Okay. Maybe not brushing, but I do have one!
*Trying to force myself up onto anything I can...I've even been known to stack boxes just so I can stand on them and be an even bigger boy!
*Talking a ton! Mamma, Dadda, Papa, nana (banana and grandma...which my mom says she'll take),
up, dog, car, moon, ball, there, giggle (tickle tickle). I still answer when asked what a cow or ghost says...if you
catch me on a ggod day:)
*When asked to take a bath or get my diaper changed, I head to the stairs because upstairs is where
the poop gets changed and my body gets clean.
*Spinning in circles...don't ask...I don't know why I started doing it either...but it's fun!
*Bringing mommy and daddy books to read to me all the time. I love books!!!
*Cuddling with my doggy Hagen. He loves to give me the biggest and wettest kisses.
*I'm clapping all the time and learning to play patty cake
*Waving good-bye, whistling (too cute), pointing to my head, mom and dad's ears and nose...oh and
Belly buttons! I love to find belly buttons...just not my own.
*And as witnessed by grandma and because us grandma, I said and sometimes repeat the
word "Damn"

Helping Mom with my decorationsI thought it looked better this way!I actually got this thingamagig to work once or twice! Only the Birthday Boy got a cool hat to wear!This is the coolest present ever!OOOO...what's this?Oh my goodness. There's more!!!
Helping myself to the veggie tray
mmm. cucumberSwinging with daddy Trying to stay hydrated so I can keep up Mom made me monkey cakes!Happy Birthday to Me!Give me that cake!I tried to share...But there were no takersMommy and Daddy had so much fun watching meBut I didn't have fun when they let Hagen try and clean me!I'm outta here! It's my birthday and I don't have to put up
with this crap!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I've gotta show you a little of what I've been up to...BESIDES TURNING 1 TODAY!!!

A visit to the pumpkin patch with mom and dad and Grandma Amy and Grandma and Papa Billau.

So much orange!

I can't wait until mom gets around to my Halloween pics! I hope these will hold you off till then. Shouldn't be too awfully long, being that she's got to share my first bday party pictures with you all!