Sunday, November 22, 2009

What??? My Birthday's Over?!?!?

I just couldn't stop the partying when I woke
the morning after my big celebration.
Watching the wildlife outside and admiring the last
moments of my decorations.

Gotta love balloons...and static electricity!

Had to share the photo of mamma trying on one of my outfits.
She just couldn't resist it was so cool. She's gotta another
thing coming if she thinks I'm going to let her borrow it!

My Halloween Monkey Business

Mommy was the Zoo Keeper. How fitting is that!I was tuckered out before the first house!Finally home and ready for dinner and bedtime! Hope you all enjoyed your Halloween! I sure did!!!
Love, Lane
Oh yeah...I even learned what a monkey says in time for my trick-or-treating!


Becs said...

SO cute... and how do you make a 1 year old little boy outfit look so good on you. You are one hot mama, Angie! Hope all is well :)

Mrs. B said...

Hey you! LOL you should have seen me trying to get it off! LOL We are doing much better now. A week after Lanes bday he came down with rotivirus and became so badly dehydrated that he was hospitalized. Scary stuff. All is good now...though Shane is going through the symptoms and I am in denial of all tummy aches:) How are your girls and yourself of course?

Anonymous said...

He looks so much like Larry. WOW! Your genes are strong my friend. I can't wait to meet him. He seems like a bundle of joy.

Scary thing that he was hospitalized. Did he get the rotovirus vacine when he was younger? Just curious because it was not available when Peyton was little, but Bristol got the vacine.

Glad things are going much better.

Hugs and kisses.


Becs said...

YOu are so funny, Ang! Should have video taped you trying to get it off! Oh poor Lane... glad he is better ghough. It is so scary when your baby is in the hospital.

We are good here... I will email soon. Happy Thanksgiving- gobble gobble gobble!