Wednesday, July 30, 2008

26 Weeks and Counting...

As I type this entry, I struggle to keep my eyes from falling shut. Pure exhaustion has overcome my entire body and I must succumb...but before I do, a belly picture I must post.
Kelly and Eylin, these are for you... Picture outside at mom and dad's was taken about 3 weeks ago and the other is from last night (26 weeks and counting) hanging out in Lane's room.

By the way, if you haven't taken notice to the time on my blog entry, it's only 12:30
and that's pm not am.
I guess the past few days have caught up to the mommy I'm becoming:)

Oh. And one more thing. I cannot find the green that I want for Lane's jungle theme! I'm about to mix these two greens together and make my own. Because I think that with the right adjustment darker in the lighter one or lighter in the darker one, the color will be just what I envision!And looking at the samples I painted, through the lens I would say the lighter, but in person not so much. It's on the yellow side of green and it just wont work. You know...possibly the color I may see while changing Lane's diaper one day.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Oh My Goodness...

Who would have thought registering for a baby would take up half your day? Yeah. Yeah. I can hear the laughs all the way over here from you moms out there. But seriously. Can we say exhausting!
Shane and I spent 2.5 hours in Babies "R" Us today registering for Lane's arrival. I am so thankful we got it out of the way now, because I don't think either of us would have survived if we had chose to wait until September.

Lucky for us, we had an enormous amount of help from a forever friend of mine whom just happens to be employed by the gigantic baby store. Misti, whom some of you might recognize from our wedding (for reasons beyond our control...I wont go into great detail:) was an angel sent from above. She guided us through the store, holding our hands every step of the way. From breast pumps and soothing pacies, to special no-poke-your-brain q-tips. She knew it all and I must say I was very impressed. You'd think she has a few of her own rug rats pulling at her capris, but nope...just well schooled in baby's needs. I can only wonder where was this brain power in high school? Never mind...that's another blog for another time:)

And it never fails. Every time we step into Babies "R" Us, we run into someone we know. Every time! It's like the place to be now that I am old, married and with child. Dallas, my neighbor across the hall from me at school and great friend, just happened to be strolling through the aisles as well. She too teaches Kindergarten and has taught in the room next to mine for I believe three years now. Fortunately for Shane, she helped convince me that a "wipe warmer" was an excellent item to have. Seriously folks...a "wipe warmer"? I, actually my fanny to be more specific, certainly did not have the pleasure of feeling or even knowing what a warm wipe felt like. Unless of course we were out at the lake and mom had my diaper bag in the sun. Other than that, it just wasn't happening. So after threats from Misti calling C.P.S. on me for cold wipes and Dallas' thoughtful way of explaining Lane's arrival being in the colder months, I caved. I gave Shane the okay to point and shoot the gun to select the "wipe warmer" and told him that it would be his chore to keep it full and operating properly. Then, not to my surprise, Shane informed me that he had already snuck a shot at it while I was turned away. What an honest husband I trusting;)

So, not only did we register today and not get to eat lunch until 1:30, being that it took us forever perusing Babies "R" Us, we also had to go to our routine checkup with my doctor. What a long day we had! The checkup went fabulous even though the lunch at Boston Market moments before may have added a few extra lb's. We have one more monthly checkup to go and then we are already moving up to our EVERY 2 weeks visits! Can you believe it's come to that already?!?! We need to get the nursery going!

Monday, July 7, 2008

The Fireworks Were All For Shane!

What a busy weekend!!! On Friday we not only celebrated our Independence, but also Shane's Birthday! We kicked it off with my parents coming up from Fallon to help us get started on our outdoor barbecue, which has been quite the waiting game. Just this past Thursday, we were able to get our concrete finished and ready to walk on. We have been attempting this feet for some time now and now that it was finished, the building was on! Which we are thankful not only for being able to get started and having my dad's help, but also for Shane having underwear on that day! He just can't bring himself to throwing his "work pants" away...

After putting in the hours outside, we prettied ourselves up and joined the rest of the gang for a delicious birthday dinner at The Melting Pot. Mmmm mmmm! I skipped on the dessert (Lane doesn't have much of a sweet tooth), but I could have certainly gone for another plate of the filet mignon!

After stuffing ourselves to the absolute limit, we peeled ourselves off the seats and made our way out of the restaurant. Before jumping into the truck though, I couldn't help but notice my husband's expectant belly! We just had to get another tummy shot right then and there, but this time of the two of us! I think Shane may be a little further along than I...?

Saturday morning, with our tummies back to a normal size (excluding myself of course), we woke before the sun to catch an early Tee Time with my parents. Seems crazy to wake yourself before 5 am to play golf, but with the extreme temperatures that begin to boil your skin around 11:00am, getting up at the crack of dawn to torture yourself voluntarily out on the golf course isn't so bad.

We finished off Shane's birthday weekend with a trip to Wally's Hot Springs in Genoa. Shane got an amazing massage, while I got an extremely painful salt "glow"...Yes, my skin is radiant and soft as can be, but holy sh*@ did it hurt! After my treatment I headed down to the pool to enjoy the sun and was soon joined by my newly rejuvenated husband. I couldn't help but feel a bit jealous as he ranted and raved about his massage, when all I could say was feel how soft I am!

It was a fantastic weekend of work, play, eating and relaxing. I could definitely do it again...minus one salt glow:)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Soon to be Nursery

We have been so busy getting our backyard going, that we have ignored Lane's room for some time now. Honestly, I have been avoiding it! As you can see from the picture above, we have a lot of sorting and throwing away to do. Hagen and Poo-Poo tried to help, but mostly just got in the way or into things. For example, Poo-Poo feeling the need to yank out feathers from a pink boa left over from my bachelorette party. He was put in "Time Out" for a few minutes so he could think about the mess he had made :)

Shane got to see (no literally...see) quite a bit of movement from Lane I felt it! He was all over the place! From summersaults to kicking, he showed off all his best moves. My stomach actually expanded outwards with each movement! It was a crazy sight, but the neatest thing. He reminded me of a know...when they turn in circles 3-10 times before finding a comfortable spot to take a nap. That was Lane. And at this very moment, he continues to thrash about. That boy's going to sleep well tonight (I hope)!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Where to begin this blog???

Okay. I did it...or I am trying to do it at least. I'm referring to this blog of course. The setup and all is pretty easy, but figuring out where to begin is difficult!

I know the reason for starting 'My Billau Heaven' (this blog) was because of the little one tossing and turning about in my tummy, but now that I'm finally getting it up and running, I suddenly feel the urge to dial the good ol' Doc Brown from Back to the Future and tell you all how this blog came to be.

I promise not to go into great detail or make my story to long and drawn-out, but I do want to bring you up to the present, baby in my tummy kicking up a storm and showing more and more everyday, day...

Shane and I met (I know that's a horrible way to start, me promising to keep it short and all, but just have faith) on my mother's birthday, June 3, 2006 and married on his mother's birthday, September 8, 2007. Shane and I had become wine connoisseurs (or so we pretend) throughout our dating, which led Shane to his perfect proposal in Napa, February 17, 2007. The wedding was magical and a memory to look back on and embrace forever.

Fall came and went and winter was nearing it's end when Shane and I had "the talk". We both wanted a baby and agreed to start trying and stop practicing in March. Well...the Superbowl Party we had in the works bombed. The small gathering we had planned, soon turned into just Shane and myself. Don't get me wrong, we had a great time! We like to say we scored our own "Touch Down"!

So that was February 3...which takes us to February 14th...Valentine's Day. Shane surprised me with a visit back to Napa to celebrate our engagement anniversary. We had a blast that weekend tasting and spending till our teeth turned purple and our pockets grew light. There was one thing about that weekend I period!

We returned from our glorious weekend, talking only of if it could be true...and the following weekend, along with the help of an e.p.t. or two, we celebrated our test results and our to come, bundle of joy:-)