Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Saturday Morning Excitement

...No...we haven't welcomed Lane into the world...yet...

It was nature that had my eye for a good hour and a half Saturday morning.

While poking my head out the backdoor to check that the dog wasn't getting himself into any trouble, something caught my eye in the pond (which is just between our house and the 6th tee box on the golf course).

Take a look at the photo. Do you see it? Here...take a closer look... Yes! A deer...well, a buck, to be gender correct.

Young and handsome, with two points on his antlers...not quite ready for the mantle (if you're into that sort of thing), but beautiful regardless.
I sat and watched him for a few minutes to see how he was going to go about getting himself out of the chilly situation he got himself into....but nothing. So I figured I would call up the golf course and report my sighting, which I think the guy thought I was delirious. I must have repeated myself three times before it sunk in that they have a deer taking up residence in their pond. And to kill two birds with one stone, I also made a tee time for Shane and the Dads to golf on Halloween, which was on my to-do list anyhow. So after a look from afar by a representative of the course...and a call on the cell to report that the lady who called in was not delirious and there was in fact a buck in the pond...well...that was all actually. Not even an attempt to spook the deer and get him inspired to start swimming for shore.
Being that I was outside with the camera, and completely captivated by this animal, I decided to take in some other sights that surrounded me that I could share with you.

Nature was out in full force this a.m.

A group (or is it a flock) of quail munching on the seeds and teeny bugs and whatever else they munch on.

An adorable yellow finch nibbling on one of the many wild flowers we have growing on our fence line. I know my grandmothers have told me numerous times the name of this flower, but I have failed them and cannot recall. And lastly, before I get back to the buck stranded in the pond...a four legged scavenger, whom took a glance at the supposedly 'trapped' young buck. But this coyote, unlike me, didn't want to waste his time waiting around to see if this silly deer would come to the realization that hey...I can swim! So I guess the golf course decided they were not qualified to deal with such a whom better to call to the rescue than Nevada's finest...Fish and Game Services. By this time Shane had made it home from work and we, along with my father-in-law watched intrigued as we saw the two approach with a lasso in hand. We truly wanted to see them lasso this buck and 'lead' him to safety...because we all now how deer are known for their obedience on a leash. If the lasso was to be involved, especially from that height...we knew for sure someone was going swimming. Which leads to why I have so many pictures....I didn't want to miss a moment and the possibility of having the $10,000 entry for America's Funniest Home Videos. such luck at capturing a hilarious moment...the buck heard the man making his way around him and wanted no part of it.
He sprung from the ledge he had clung to for more than an hour and put his legs to work.

He could swim! AMAZING isn't it??? Silly deer...maybe he suffers from low self-esteem or wished his mom hadn't taken away his floaties so soon.

Almost there buddy and you're free! Going...
Gone.I kept an eye on this guy for almost 2 hours Saturday morning. Who knows how long he was in that water. Some of you may think I am crazy for having invested so much time...but I like to think of it as one of my wonderful characteristics that makes
Before I go, a quick update on our little Lane.
No centimeters have I gained.
Nor softened cervix have I obtained.
I am just a fingertip and have been for 3 weeks now.
Who knows when this kid will arrive and take his bow.
They say he has hair
and is well endowed...
for that his father is very proud!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Just waiting on Lane...

The Baby Showers are officially over!
We had our last shower on Saturday night and boy was it hilarious! Being that we waited until October to throw our final bash, we figured it was only appropriate to make it a costume party!

Shane and I had about 7 couples over to our "Playboy Mansion" and the costumes ranged from Tight Ends and Wide Receivers to Indiana Jones and a can of Buzzed Light Beer. I gotta give everybody props for creativity and braving our winter weather temperatures in spandex, fishnets and jockstraps!
Poo Poo awaiting our guests arrival in his fashionable Playboy attire

All Star Tight End and Wide Receiver posing with Heff

Indie coming to the rescue with quite the head on that beer...maybe the dirty beer pong ball will assist in ridding some of that foam.

Heff finally gave in to one of the playmates and knocked her up...

Mr. Pimp Daddy and his busty hooters girl

No maximum security prison could keep this guy from having a good time!

These two are just to cute for words...Getty up little doggie

Feeling the heat coming off the star receiver...Yeah Baby Work It!

A shot of Tequila in honor of Lane Michael (3-5 actually...I lost count)

Ms. Receiver and the inmates getaway gal posing for a pic with preggers

Buzzed Light, Indie and Heff braving the cold

The boys...aka "Beer Pong Losers"

And finally...I leave you with some pictures that I thought best to let you all give the appropriate/inappropriate captions.

And goodnight.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

One Month To Go!

I can't believe how the time has flown since my last update...
Actually, more like the past nine months!

My pregnancy has truly been ripped straight from the Hallmark pages. It's storybook perfection...though in those story books they leave out the little things. You being scared to death because of the trace of blood that was found in your urine or when baby decides to take a nap on your sciatic nerve. OUCH! Or the fact that your brain no longer functions normally (individual definition of 'normal' may vary) and seems to be decreasing in size by the second. Oh...and how you would rather deal with the acid reflux than chew one more TUMS, regardless of the flavor or that the veins in your legs may chose to mutate along a path that is not so attractive (though I am told may go away...I'll believe it when I see it)

So like I said...storybook...the newly revised addition that is. ain't so bad. But trust me. When Lane is old enough and that vein on the inside of my thigh has yet to "go away", he is going to get a mouth full from his mom.
I do catch myself thinking back quite a bit and replaying my experiences of the early stages of being pregnant and honestly, I think I've had it pretty good. I must admit, I'm going to miss each and every kick, punch, tickle, stretch and hiccup the little guy has done on the inside. It's going to be so strange to have an empty tummy that no longer kicks back.
In closing, I am attaching some recent picks to keep you all up to date on the haps in our life and my growing tummy...because I know that's what you really log on to see:) This first picture was taken before Shane and I headed out to celebrate my brother's bday with a dinner and show package downtown. I am now entering my 37th week. All these pictures were taken over the past few days, so consider them 36 week shots:)

36 week shot in the backyard before braving my first adventure to the new Scheels sports superstore that recently opened just a hope and a skip away from us.

Shane and Dad showing off the finished outdoor bar/que.

Thanks for all your help and hard work Dad!

Golfing at 36 weeks!

Instant belly shot. You gotta love it:) I couldn't help but laugh when I saw it...but what great form!

Firefighter Shane reporting for duty in my classroom for Fire Safety Week

Would show you more, but it's a no no to post pictures of the kids on your websites, keeping it G rated with only the backs of their cute little heads:)

All the kids loved Firefighter Shane and gave him big hugs to show they weren't scared or frightened of his goofy costume.