Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Our Latest Happenings

I'm going to take a moment to catch you all up on what's been going on with me,
since mom seems to have her hands full chasing around my big brother.
I'm 5 months old now and trying my darndest to talk and scoot around.

These pics are from November, this is around the time I discovered my feet!
I absolutely love my feet and how they just seem to be the perfect size for fitting into my mouth:) Mom and dad always cringe when I do though, they think I have sweaty which I think adds such a great flavor!
In this house, no matter where I'm at, I'm always sure to keep
an eye out for my big brother. He can come out of nowhere!
At almost 4 months old, mom caved and gave me cereal
Back then it was the store brand. Now mommy has
fun making my food here at home with the magic bullet
Lane and I bought her for Christmas.
I'm loving my bananas and butternut squash!VROOOOOOOOM!!!! Lane really wanted no part in me hitching a ride.
He let me stay long enough just for mommy to snap a few shots.
My big brother is going to have to learn to share or one
of these days I'm gonna kick his you know what!Hello...
You still here? Well good, because I've got a few
more things to show ya!!Mom and Dad took us Christmas tree hunting with some friends.
We got a kick outta Lane looking like Ralphie's little brother from
A Christmas Story. He got the hang of it after falling over a few times...hehehe
I guess I shouldn't laugh just yet, being that I have yet to stand on my own two feet.After the big hunt, we went back to our girlfriends place to warm up.
It's great being a baby...look at the size of my chair compared to my bros
But regardless, they drug them everywhere that day.

And Lastly, since mom has yet to download Christmas pics, is our lovely Santa photo.
Get a load of this guy...Santa? Imposter more like it!
At least we are looking at the kids standing in line.
This IMPOSTER is checking out the clock...
I may be a baby and all, but he ain't fooln' me
We still told him our list of requests and I gotta hand it to him,
because he was able to relay our list of demands to the REAL Santa:)
Okay, that's all the time I have.
It's time to eat, poop and sleep again:)
Love you all!

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Madison & Mia's Mommy said...

Ang the boys are just handsome and growing too fast!! Love the update. Congratulations on the new home.... Can't wait to visit one day. xoxo
Love ya, E